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  1. Last time I checked EES its code was enormous. Yeah, I mentioned that I'm quite ok at reading dst code, but EES one is too hard for me to pull out. I checked most of the extra slots mods and I can't figure it out how to imply it to my mod
  2. Hello Recently I made a character mod and now I need to add some extra slots for the specific mod items that I made as well. I'm already pretty handy with modmaking, but I don't have a slightest about how to add extra slots nor make them to allow specific prefabs only. Ideally I need 6 extra slots just above the inventory. It shouldn't be any sort of container like backpack, but rather smth like 45+ slots but lesser scale. Could someone help me with that?
  3. No no. Everything is fine now. It was invisible cuz I didn't make an icon for it. Anyway ty for pointing at fn() mistake. Now if we encounter sm1 with such error first of all we should check if his items name isn't in caps Have a nice day
  4. Seems like I figure it out. Turns out that it's n ot possible to have item names in CAPS. It misses some names but now I can see it on the ground and pick it although without inv image yet
  5. Yes, I did I renamed COH_bw for COH with all the additional things so don't be confused
  6. ok. I was super dumb not to notice func inside func thing, ty for that, but the problem remain. If I spawn as my char with that item it gives the same error. If I spawn my char without this item and trying to give it via console it says that. And according to console the item prefab DO exist somehow but cannot be summoned nor put into the inv. .
  7. Yet another error I'm facing again and again. I fixed this thing 3 or 4 times at my previous chars, but now it's hands down. I'm so fed up with trying to find the solution myself so I came to ask for help. The error image is below. I know it's about item being non inventory or smth like that, but I have the code so simple that I can't find what's wrong exactly
  8. I want to add my character an ability to deal damage depend on enemies health points. But every time I hit someone an error log says that target value is nil. Could anyone help me with that? I believe it's ridiculously easy when you have list of variables and functions and know how they works. Unfortunately I don't have it and idk where I can even find one. Being unable to know what exactly those vars and funcs doing is super frustrating inst:ListenForEvent("onattackother", function(inst, data, target) local health = if ~= nil then inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1 + * 0.03 end end)