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Cool Steam Vent tamed with tropical pacu

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So you've made the world's greatest algae restricted Pacu breeding farm, you're stockpiling fish for lime and fillet and wondering is there anything else you could be doing to squeeze the life get even more benefit out of them? There is.

A tropical fry is born at 55c. Its temp resets when it becomes an adult, this heat is effectively deleted. And again when it dies of old age. This body of water is 95c, a Fry will reach 92c just as it becomes an adult. The adults get pretty close to 95c I think before dying. So math can be done on those temp differences. I worked it out to be 3562.5333 DTU deleted per second over the 25 lifecycle. Most CSV's seem to do 2.5kg/s average during active period. 125370 DTU per second needed to drop output steam 12c to 98c. Comes down to 35.2 pacu needed. Perhaps make it an even 40.

If using as little as 36-40 Pacu then your water will approach 95c, which means for the metal tiles and the tempshift plates on either side this 95c is likely too high of a temp to use anything with lower TC than aluminium; otherwise the CSV will overpressure on occasion. However, if you have more Pacu in the pool then the equilibrium water temp will be lower, then a lower TC metal will be sufficient to prevent the CSV from overpressure.

Mass is good to lower fluctuations so everything else is dirt tempshift plate, igneous graves.
4% chance of a bad egg, so get those shipped out, and a critter sensor is there to detect when it needs a top up from your breeder.


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