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Bird Up

This game needs chest QOL changes.

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Problem is that in longer servers you have loads of chests and it's hard to know where to put things, especially when things are disorganized. minisigns only help a little bit, but there's hundreds of different items in the game, and so they don't help very much.

Solution 1. Quick deposit button. Terraria has this. You just press a button while you are near chests, and it will deposit all items you have that are identical items inside a nearby chest. Say a chest has 1 nightmarefuel in it, and you have 1 nightmare fuel in your inventory. Another chest has 1 twig in it and you have 1 in your inventory. If you hit the quick stack button, then your 1 nightmare fuel instantly goes into the nearby chest with 1 nightmarefuel, and your 1 twig goes into the chest with the 1 twig in it. It would quickly distribute where the items belong so that you don't have to constantly flip open 20 chests to find the right one.

Solution 2. There is a server mod that works very well and should be implemented as QOL. If you hold an item in your hand, every chest that has said item inside it will be highlighted. So you can very easily tell where items need to be dropped off or picked up. Here's the server mod

Right now I know it's just super tedious looking through loads of chests trying to find the right items and deposit items in the correct chests.

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