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Moon Rock Hammer

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A counterpart to regular Hammer, with 3 moon rocks replacing 3 regular rocks in the recipe. Would require a science machine to craft.

Returns twice as much when destroying a structure, which means 100% for non-burned structures and 50% for burned ones.

Has several major applications:

1) Early game - easier to set a temporary base and move on as you go. Craft structures, use them, hammer down and pre-build to place somewhere else next time.

2) Middle to late game - moving large bases at once at cost of grass, twigs and moon rocks only, when otherwise it would've taken a great amount of various resources.

3) Nomadic playstyle, be it due to griefers on public servers or due to player's own preference. Obtaining moon rocks itself would suit nomadic playstyle, where you travel to meteor biome once in a while when you run out of moon rocks for moon hammers.

4) Tool of choice for perfectionists - when you accidentally place something 0.5 unit away from desired location and then have to lose half of the resources to hammer it and place again, hoping it won't happen again.

5) Moving naturally found bunny hatches/pig houses without having to lose valuable materials.

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I'd say sure if it also costed 2 green gems and were only craftable at a pseudoscience station. This would be an extremely powerful tool to use, and could potentially put both the Hammer and the Deconstruction Staff out of commission.

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