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Skirt_0, Skirt_1... FINISHED? WHY?!

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I'm modeling a sprite. I see that Skirt_1 is for the back view. Skirt_0 is for the front view AND side view!

Is there any way I can edit the spriter file to use an alternative Skirt_5 for the side view? My model's proportions don't have the same front width as side width.

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Hmm you could merge your skirt into your characters torso or torso_pelvis symbols.

If you want to make sure you have skin compatibility you'll want to make either a torso_wide or torso_pelvis_wide symbol that lacks the skirt. This way you get 3 directions, but it will lose its bounciness. You might even want to do that anyways as it might look weird with skins equipped if your proportions aren't the standard.

To better understand how to implement a torso and torso_wide look at characters with thin torsos like wendy, or wickerbottom. As they got two torso symbols and pelvis symbols.

Unfortunately don't starves animation system is pretty rigid, adding new symbols requires them to be present in the animation and modifying several hundreds of animations is such a undertaking that nobody has bothered with it.

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