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Remove the Sanity drain from Night Armor but increase the per-hit sanity penalty

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The Night Armor has gone relatively unused for a long time now, but I would like to suggest a few different approaches that could be taken to increase the usability behind it if I may:

  • What if, instead of the constant -10 sanity/min modifier, the armor itself reduces sanity by 20% of total damage taken (up from 10%). This would both encourage people to craft the armor for combat, and to avoid getting hit because of the penalty for doing so.
  • Decrease the crafting cost of the armor by a little to make crafting it a bit more worthwhile.
  • Remove the "sanity/hit" part of the armor entirely.

Night armor goes relatively unused for the main reason that it isn't healthy to use long-term, thus not being normally used for things like boss battles because of its massive potential to reduce the player's sanity. Despite the massive damage reduction (at 95%), the armor heavily encourages players to avoid getting hit at all costs unless they suffer a heavy penalty to their sanity; you could even argue that the large damage reduction is almost pointless because of the massive emphasis on not taking hits because of the sanity/hit mechanic, therefore the reduction could even be either 60% or 100% and you would still need to avoid every hit to not be penalized. The majority of its use comes from places like the Ruins where you will generally always be insane. However, the cost of making the armor is still rather pricey in terms of Papyrus usage (at 12 reeds per armor) so players will generally opt for more convenient solutions such as a Log Suit or Marble Armor; the latter of which had gotten its own recipes reduced as of late, making the competition between both 95% dmg reducing armors more weighted in favor of the Marble suit. I feel as though any one of these changes would help to make the armor a bit more viable for many players, but I understand if this may sound unreasonable to ask however.

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