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  1. I think you can just improve hooking up an xbox controller to a pc. Thats how i play, and whenever i run into a disadvantage i use the mouse, i am a lot slower, but it works. Just have an ability on controler to extend or shrink the length of how far away the little red dot is from you. Also the boat cannon is so hard to aim and not worth in on controler.
  2. There are new characters, so new abbilities. I think they would be as follows: Webber: ??? Wormwood: Webber's old ability Wortox: 2 more inventory slots (can bend space and time) Wurt: Her mermishness makes her appease the eternal maw more Walter: ???
  3. I completely agree with this, maybe also add this to a dark sword, so that you lose sanity only when you use it?
  4. Maybe also a grindstone that can un-refine things.
  5. I think that Klaus's loot stash should drop all items stolen by any Krampi in that world. Webber's quote for a reviver Warly should be "Thanks a brunch man" instead of what it currently is: "thanks a bunch man". When Krampi steal loot from chests they should fill each slot with 1 charcoal, and they will not steal charcoal To add on to that, instead of stealing backpacks they should swap out the contents of it with charcoal.