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So what I've noticed is that whenever you start the game for the first time  (profile reset).

You get the animation intro for Sal   - his backstory etc.  4 tabs of voice over backstory.
BUT whenever you abandon the run or start  a 'new run'  it has only a 1 tab continuation intro.  (different from the first).

While I get this is good for failed runs and starting a new run.   BUT very horrible for those who want to see the 4 tab backstory first intro.
Especially if you want to try to stream this to viewers to show off the game for the first time.   

The only time ive seen the 4 tab intro again is if you actually complete the run and unlock brawl.  doing the new run again hunting kashio  actually triggers the starting intro again.

Possibly a way to reset the intro somehow without resetting the entire user profile.   OR   whenever  you exit the game, and come back doing 'new run it triggers the first intro.   BUT  if you fail a run and start again (during the game session- not exiting) , it uses the shorten intro.?


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