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Walter Campfire Speech File

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Walters story telling function is in his prefab file walter.lua:

local function StoryToTellFn(inst, story_prop)
	if not TheWorld.state.isnight then
		return "NOT_NIGHT"

	local fueled = story_prop ~= nil and story_prop.components.fueled or nil
	if fueled ~= nil and story_prop:HasTag("campfire") then
		if fueled:IsEmpty() then
			return "NO_FIRE"

		local campfire_stories = STRINGS.STORYTELLER.WALTER["CAMPFIRE"]
		if campfire_stories ~= nil then
			inst._story_proxy = SpawnPrefab("walter_campfire_story_proxy")
			inst._story_proxy:Setup(inst, story_prop)

			local story_id = GetRandomKey(campfire_stories)
			return { style = "CAMPFIRE", id = story_id, lines = campfire_stories[story_id].lines }

	return nil

And the lines are in the strings.lua file, just search for STRINGS.STORYTELLER:

				lines = {	{duration = 2.5, line = "Ever heard of the bog monster?"},
							{duration = 3.5, line = "Nobody knows what it really looks like..."},
                            {duration = 3.5, line = "nobody who's seen it up close ever made it back."},
							{duration = 2.5, line = "People say it can disguise itself,"},
                            {duration = 2.5, line = "to look like a mossy rock,"},
							{duration = 2.0, line = "or an old stump,"},
							{duration = 3.0, line = "or even a patch of mud under your feet."},
							{duration = 3.0, line = "The only way to really tell it's there"},
							{duration = 3.5, line = "is if you look out of the corner of your eye..."},
							{duration = 3.5, line = "it'll sometimes let its disguise slip,"},
							{duration = 3.0, line = "and you'll see it start to smile..."},
                            {duration = 3.0, line = "with its six mouths full of RAZOR SHARP TEETH!"},
      -- And more


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