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The First Mate
"Aye aye 'ere comes Wildeye!"
Health: 225
Sanity: 150
Hunger: 100

- No eyepatch could cover his eye, No meal can satisfy his hunger
- The stronger the foe the tougher he becomes
- Anchor he has, Anger he gets

His eye gives him a light radius increase of 25%, He gains 25% bonus health from food, Weston gains resistence and a damage boost depending on the size or type of the mob he is fighting, Bosses will deal 25% less damage that also lessens the durability loss of armor for him and he deals 10% more damage to them while hound-beefalo sized mobs deal 10% less damage and he deals 5% more damage to them, He has an Anchor Hook that needs 2x Cutstones and 3x Flint to be crafted and has a durability of 20 uses, The anchor will immediately pull Weston towards his target whether it is a mob or an object and he will deal 51 damage to the mob upon landing and reset their attack it can also be used while riding a boat to slowly pull the boat towards an object

Weston gains 50% less hunger from food and becomes 13% slower for a second if he hits a mob

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