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Revolutionizing Cooking and Crafting; Click and Hold!

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My Suggestion: Click and Hold Mechanics

What it does: Click and Hold mechanics would revolutionize cooking and crafting in a simple way, currently, to cook mass amounts of food, you need to spam click, not only hurting your fingers, but also possibly causing damage to your mouse, But Click and Hold mechanics could make it so you click and hold so your character will keep cooking, but you only need to hold the button in, instead of spam clicking. Example:
Old Cooking System: 40 Berries need to be cooked, you need to click 40 times to cook all of them.

Click and Hold System: 40 Berries need to be cooked, you click once and just hold your mouse to continuously cook.

This mechanic could be applied for mass crafting, and possibly even be brought to DS RoG/Ham/SW.

(I wanted to bring my idea to the forums so I could get feedback from other players here)

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I like this idea, It reminds me of 3 people shuffling around a fire trying to cook stuff without giving their stack of food to each other. It happens way too much and this would make it a lot less time consuming without changing the gameplay.

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It's a fantastic idea and a much needed addition.
I lost count of how many times I ate the thing I was supposed to cook (like monster meat and green mushrooms) because you have to hover the item right next to your character, which can easily change "cook" to "eat".

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