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  1. It's a fantastic idea and a much needed addition. I lost count of how many times I ate the thing I was supposed to cook (like monster meat and green mushrooms) because you have to hover the item right next to your character, which can easily change "cook" to "eat".
  2. A sailing Mc Tusk party is a fantastic idea! The only thing I would change is that it'd happen on only one other season (Autumn if he's coming to the land, Spring if he's leaving, or Summer to contrast well with what they do in Winter). First because I wouldn't want to worry about Mc Tusk everytime I go sailing but most importantly because seasonal specific activities is exactly what the ocean needs at the moment. I'm also patiently waiting for Otters and Turtles! The ocean really needs more mobs.
  3. Wow, this is fantastic! I have already seen Wendy's full potential against Bee Queen, Dragonfly and Antlion with my own eyes, and I know she's very good against Malbatross and Crab King too. But now I see she does really well against Fuelweaver too?? As a Wendy main who plays solo, I could not be more happy to learn that. The rework really did wonders for her. Oh, and please tell me the rest of the run was also recorded! I would love to watch it.
  4. That would make a lot of sense considering he's a character originally from Shipwrecked.
  5. Ahhh they are all so good! Every single frame of that short is wallpaper material! I literally cannot choose.