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Duplicants being able to take tasks slightly before needing to.

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I would love to see duplicants able to take tasks slightly before they need to be done for engine tune up, grooming, and taking allergy medications (might apply to some other things but can't think of any others at the time).

Basically a period of time (like 40 seconds or so?) before grooming, engine tune up and allergy medication wears of.

Also this should apply to harvesting plants.

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Some things could work like the oil well. You can select the theshold at which they depressurize the thing. It shouldn`t be too hard to add a slider for the grooming station to call a dupe when grooming effect is at 80%. Probably could be done for tune up and medicals as well. Harder for harvesting. Imagine a dupe goes to harvest a plant before it`s fully grown. Would need some code to handle the dupe waiting for the plant or it would crash the game.

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