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Radius when u place objects

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Hi guys, i am new to the game sorry for the sily question.

I manage to survive till day 39, now my probem is not the food or the dark but is the strike from the lighting!!!

So i want to put the "thingy" to protect my camp but i cant see the radius that will protect... do i have to change something in the settings? If yes, what i have to change?

Thanks a lot

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@Calvy It will provide protection from Lightning strikes that originate 40 units from placement spot. That's a 40 unit radius and 80 unit diameter horizontally/vertically, and a 28.28 unit radius and 56.56 unit diameter diagonally. Lightning may originate outside the lightning rod protection radius, and strike target inside the protection zone

To connect protection areas with multiple Rods using simple math, players should leave 14 Pitchfork tiles between each Rod horizontally/vertically. Imagine each zone as a square of 56 units in length by width instead of a circle for easier comprehension. If each Rod is placed 14 Pitchfork tiles between one another horizontally/vertically, it will create a protection grid with minimum excess overlaps.


Hope this will help you:wilson_flower:

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5 hours ago, Calvy said:

Thannks a lot guys Do u know if there is a mod there for the Ice Flingomatic as well? i Cant find it.

The base game has its own range check for the flingomatic. You will need to have something in your hand ready to plant/build like a pine cone or wall. If you do want a mod then you could try something like this - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804549021&searchtext=fling

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