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Fix FPS Klei Pleaseee :(

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1 hour ago, ShaggyCTK said:

a kup sobie co chceesz wiesniaku 

What a nice and polite response in your native Polish, dear friendly chap - talking about "pot calling the kettle black". Maybe you will show us how not to be a "peasant" yourself (although your answer pretty much demonstrated the exact opposite, my village buddy) and solve your problem the, you know... logical way at hand: by making a comprehensive report of what exactly is your problem IN ENGLISH. Set your GPU nVidia software for your demonstrative video in EN and then proceed to give as many details as possible regarding your perceived problem. What a knowledge journey, right?! :rolleyes:

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@ShaggyCTK I see you are using an NVIDIA GPU. Is microstuttering the issue you are facing?

If it is, try these settings in the Nvidia control panel for the DST executable, which may or may not work for you. I don't have any other suggestions outside of that, unfortunately.

Select the preferred graphics processor: High performance NVIDIA processor

Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance

Threaded optimization: ON

Triple buffering: Off

Vertical Sync: Off


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