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  1. MrSoratori I think it's worth reminding Klei about this, maybe if there are more of us he could introduce such a facility, even let it be renewable, which would take him some time
  2. Can "The Lazy Forager " be more expensive to build but more durable (even endless)? I think that in next phases of the game, collecting stuff, for examples collecting cut wood, would be more enjoyable because players like creating/building nice bases. Manual collecting stuff is spending a lot of time, and run with amulet would make DST game much easier. I'd like to highligt that it would be the only one amulet that will be endless/ wont have durability.
  3. you can't pick up an object by riding on a buffalo Desktop 2022.04.16 -
  4. Klei, why animals are running away from the fence when player is not around? Can you do something with this inconvenience during next update? DxDiag.txt
  5. How can I connect Klei account with Steam and Switch account, so skins can be the same on each of them ?
  6. How can I connect Klei account with Steam and Switch account, so skins can be the same on each of them ?
  7. Klei, when are you planning update DST relatively stable FPS ? I have very good computer (printscreen in attachment ) and FPS aren't stable, they are jumping from 60 to even 40. I am longtime player and I have written about it for several years and there is no answer or any improvments from Klei.
  8. No , they just don't give a damn about reported bugs
  9. In this place (where the white squares were) there were elephant fences after time disappeared . F**c when will you finally fix such bugs ? Why don't you respond to bugs reported by players?
  10. when I go away and come back, why do gobblers , run away from me outside the fence , when the fence is all built up and closed Even putting up an oculus does not help. Why is this happening ?
  11. Hello, after getting into "mods" configuration, I can't delete two mods: DJ Paul's Sort Inventory and DST Storm Celler. After clicking ball or screw there is no workshop/manufactory. I don't want to have these mods. Clicking "clear all" doesn't help. Please help me to delete them.
  12. Klei, why trees are growing on special peat for example cobblestones or carpeted flooring? Can you change it so trees wont grow on specials peat after cuting tree and put in this place cobblestones?
  13. Klei, I am writing to you because I have request to you. Can you update/fix dst, so the game can work constantly with 60 fps without torn on Windows 10, 64 bit system (only this one is available on the market) ??? I have Computer with i7 intel processor, graphic card geforce 1080ti 11 gb and fps are 59 and down (usually during playing in the forest or with many thinks on the screen ). I dont care about new update like new functions, please concentrate on constantly playing. Gamer spend a lot of money for skins from dst game and you can't fix fps to be constant during the game