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I feel this would be a fun character for some groups, my group in particular.


The character would work like a science machine at the start of the game, allowing other players to build stuff when standing next to them. The character could, somehow be upgraded, perhaps with a special hat that players standing next to him could make for him, like a crown, or something else... using resources similar, but possibly more expensive than the alchemy engine to make the hat. Maybe a light bulb hat, even. Once upgraded, the character serves as an Alchemy engine when standing next to them.

That's the upside.

Now the drawback...

The character can collect food, such as barriers, and carrots, and grass, and such... they can collect from wabbit traps, crock pots, and such. But, that's it. The character can not build anything, not even a torch, can not put anything in the crackpot (or better yet, if he hits cook on the crock pot, it always comes out wet goop), and can not fight. Anything they try to cook over the fire becomes charcoal, so they can't cook anything to eat. They basically are cowards that won't do manual labor. They could even complain when they're picking grass or barriers, and such. They can't chop trees, nor 'know how' to even make a fire, so they'd probably die by themselves,(or if playing solo, they'd have to run from firefly to firefly or something) and that's the point. The character is meant to be nearly impossible to play by themselves, the sort of person who hates camping, and just gives up when things are yucky and/or hard, etc. And this particular one is also one who tells others what to do, "I have a great idea, why don't you..." - You know, the 'idea guy.'

Since this character would be nearly impossible to play solo, they'd be fun for those who like to challenge themselves to try and play them solo (at least for a while) and, he point of the character would be to play a mode where one player (the one who's the 'idea guy' serves as the one everyone else has to protect. A bit like when you have a newbie on the server, but after a while, the newbie is no longer a newbie... and, this would be more for a group of experts to challenge each other... Heck, I could see people playing where there's six of these characters, and one character as a different character trying to take care of them all.

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