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Dont Starve: The Farming Homestead spinoff

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Today, me and a coworker were talking about Dont Starve. We were on break and he was also playing Animal Crossing on his Switch and it made me think, what if Dont Starve had a 3D version that was just pure homestead management? Ive been playing DS since its Early Access days in 2012, and one of the greatest things for me every single time is when Ive established my character enough and built up my home base to the point where I dont even need to leave the area any more except for finite resources that I cant grow like rocks, gold, etc. Every time Im able to have my own garden, Beefalo ranch, bird colony, and just over camp settlement setup, I feel more accomplished in this game than I have in any other survival or farming game ever that I have played. I was just wondering...what would happen if Klei literally just made a spnoff game that was that, and in 3D. I mean, I would probably freaking buy it in a heartbeat. Klei has been on a roll with its releases, and since the official release of Oxygen Not Included, Griftlands, and updates to Together, Im not sure what else Klei has cooking up. But if I could toss my hat in the ring for a suggestion, it would be this. Ive even google imaged a number of fan art creations of Dont Starve characters in 3D and it is just a-mazing!!

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