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Safely Empty Atmo Suit Dock?

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Am I missing a way to safely empty an atmo dock that doesn't involve releasing into the immediate atmosphere and causing popped eardrums? Moving a stack of docks to another location is quite a disruption currently. Short of having dups slowly use the docks while disconnected from a resupply, which takes too long usually, I'm not sure what else to try.

Shouldn't this building have an empty storage button? Any workarounds, or does everyone just deal with the sudden over-pressure?

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Unfortunately no, it always does that upon deconstruction. If you want to, you can surround the stations with walls and a liquid lock, deconstruct and pump the air through vents, although it's such a hassle.


I guess it's simpler to just open up your external doors (if you have such doors, some people play with open bases), and let the oxygen be pushed outside to equate the pressure.

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