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Best Graphic Settings?

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This might be a dumb thread but what are the best settings config for graphic quality? I have been messing with toggling options and now my game looks just bad lol. 

My pc can handle pretty much anything so i appreciate some advise! Thank you

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Well, the game doesn't have that much of a graphics options, but the best ones are:
Enabled distortion shaders when the player is insane:

Enables bloom shaders to glowing entities:

Resolution and refresh rate to max, obviously (I'm running DST in windowed mode, so it's disabled for me):


Small textures and netbook mode disabled.
Small textures mode compresses all textures and fonts.
Netbook mode: Sets FPS cap to 30 FPS.

Texture streaming: disabled. This one basically only loads textures when needed.

Not really graphics options, but theese make the game look nicer:

Enables screen shaking (during boss fights, earthquakes, etc):


Enables o with two dots for Wigfrid:


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