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You can take a look at the debugcommands.lua file and find relevant code on changing out a tile:


function d_ground(ground)
	ground = ground == nil and GROUND.QUAGMIRE_SOIL or 
			type(ground) == "string" and GROUND[string.upper(ground)] 
			or ground

	local pt = TheInput:GetWorldPosition()
    local x, y = TheWorld.Map:GetTileCoordsAtPoint(pt:Get())

    local original_tile_type = TheWorld.Map:GetTileAtPoint(pt:Get())
    TheWorld.Map:SetTile(x, y, ground)
    TheWorld.Map:RebuildLayer(original_tile_type, x, y)
    TheWorld.Map:RebuildLayer(ground, x, y)

    TheWorld.minimap.MiniMap:RebuildLayer(original_tile_type, x, y)
    TheWorld.minimap.MiniMap:RebuildLayer(ground, x, y)


And then to set the specific tile by ID, look at constants.lua for the GROUND table declaration.  Ex: GROUND.OCEAN_COASTAL


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