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[Mod Request] Two-input automated door

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Input 1: 

  • GreenThe door is set to Auto mode and behaves just like an automated door without any automation hooked up (opens when a duplicant passes by and closes)
  • Red: The door is either completely open or closed depending on Input 2

Input 2:

  • GreenThe door is always open if Input 1 is Red
  • Red: The door is completely closed if Input 1 is Red

Possible use-case:

  • Emergency exit from and into an area normally operated by a Transit Tube
    • Input 1 - Red, Input 2 - Red
      • there is sufficient power to operate the Transit Tube, so no one can use the door
    • Input 1 - Green, Input 2 - irrelevant
      • there is a shortage of power, so block the Transit Tube and force duplicants to use the emergency door
  • Why it can't be done with the normal door?
    • Normal door enabled would open completely and let the air out.
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