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Packets screw up while building. (BUG PLS FIX)

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Another edit - TLDR: Pipes shouldn't update packet position, packet position should update pipes.

So I noticed while building pipes, all the liquid packets on the screen shift.
This is screwing up all of my pipe automation.  Sensors don't work properly, shutoffs fail to cut off when they're supposed to, etc.

It's not realistic to expect me to stop building pipes for the sake of my automation, or disable automation while building pipes. 
I am always building pipes or running automation.  That's like, 99% of what this game is.

Can we fix this please?  If the packets shift to the closest segment, it throws off timings and signals everywhere.

instead of shifting the packets when pipe is built, maybe it would be more reliable to register the pipe when the packets enter their next segments starting position, rather than resetting that position for all packets.

Does this sound understandable? - when a dupe constructs a pipe, they can construct a "placeholder" pipe that looks exactly like a pipe, the difference is that it doesn't interact with packets.  Then, when the packets enter the default state, the placeholder pipe is replaced with the actual pipe that interacts with packets.

Problems solved, automation in tact.


Edit- I should have placed this in the bugs section, but I wasn't sure since it's technically intended, though I'm sure the consequences of this implementation aren't.


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