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Don't Starve Together: Framerate Drop/Problem

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Good morning / afternoon / night. I have a problem with my game. I play normally, always with the FPS locked at 60, but now there are some drops, out of nowhere it drops to 30 FPS and gets stuck in it, after a few seconds it goes up again to 60 FPS and this keeps happening repeatedly.
I recently bought an SSD for the System, and the last time I played the Game was on April 25th, and I came back 3 days ago, in that time ocurred 2 Hotfixes in the Game. I don't know if the problem is with my machine or due to these Hotfixes. Thank you in advance!

PC Specs:

- Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G620 @ 2.60Ghz
- NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT
- 8GB Ram
- SSD Kingoston 120GB (System)
- HD 500GB (Games and Others)

(I always played the game normally with these settings)

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Hey ImSlowly. Welcome to the forum. 

In the latest updates a feature called "Texture Streaming" has been added that aim to make the game lighter. This feature causes game textures to load gradually when demanded. Maybe that's what it was. On my computer sometimes the game drop frames, due to the loading of the textures. But in return the PC is consuming much less RAM.

If you want to disable this feature. Just disable "Texture Streaming" in the settings and restart the game. 


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Klei official gave a command to enable multi-thread rendering Steam library Find the famine online version Right-click Properties Set startup items Then add ''-threaded_render'' ok, just start the game again.If this multi-threaded rendering is not turned on, usually the game only needs to enter a place where trees or plants are dense 100% will be adjusted to 30 frames for a few seconds.After opening, it is basically stable for 60 frames and will not change. After that, you are running the game with a discrete graphics card. If you still have this problem, you can switch to the core graphics card. hope this helps

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