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Need More Hammer Notes

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So I've been fiddling around with the hammers and trying my best to make music, but it's getting kind of frustrating trying my hardest to work with the notes given. It's just not possible with only two clefs to work with.

Currently there are two clefs, which I'm just going to call C2 and C3.

This is a slight misnomer considering that there is no C2, as the lowest note is currently C#2...but that's besides the point.

I guess what I'm trying to say is all I'm asking for is the C4 scale, we just need one more. :wilson_ecstatic:

TL;DR in spoiler


I'm not a music person...so I'm pretty sure I got most of my wording wrong and mixed up...

Basically here's a chart of what I'm asking for:


Alto Clef and Bass Clef are already in the game, so what I'm looking for is Treble Clef.


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