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Single player DS world gen screen to DST

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In DS, upon generating the world, a beautiful animated screen is displayed, but in DST, it isn't there (at least not for me, maybe my game is just bugged out or something). I mean, it's even been updated with the Turn of tides content, but for some reason, it just doesn't appear.

This might already be in the game, but for me, it never appears.

(In the case that my game is just bugged out this post would be more of a bug report than a suggestion)

(By the way I got that image by taking a screenchot while force-regenerating a world, it displayed upon regenaration, but not when first generated.)


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3 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

That is cool but I’ve never seen this screen in game.. :( where is it?! It exists in Solo DS but not while starting a world on DST 

You can see it if you create a world without caves or if you regenerate a world (whether it has caves or not doesn't matter). Also, if you use mods or edit files to generate a cave world instead of a surface world, the game uses the cave generation screen like the one in singleplayer.


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