Please add a "Number of Killed Enemies: ___" stat at the end of a campaign

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I have a lot of fun doing challenge runs and can see the benefit of challenge runs (including speed runs) done on Twitch.  Issue is, the game doesn't have a way of proving/providing useful statistics for such tasks.  

I just did a PACIFIST fun with Sal on the hardest Prestige level with zero card packs. But the final completion screen doesn't really reflect that at all.  It would be great if there was a simple "Enemies Killed" counter at the end screen so you can show "Hey, I did this without actively killing anyone."  This counter would only reflect enemies that Sal landed a killing blow on (since currently in Sal's campaign, you have to fight and at the docks--you can have a recruited team member land the final blow, and this shouldn't count). 


Other statistics that would be useful:  


+Amount of Money Spent (I can see challengers where it's like "Hey, I didn't spend a single shill the whole game!"/"This is a competitive thrifty run!"  But there's no way to prove/support that.

+A simple official in-game clock (speedrun)

+Number of cards in each deck

+Number of cards upgraded

+Total amount of hitpoints/damage taken in combat

+Total number of pets


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One thing I kinda miss that they removed was when you brought up your decks with "B" & "N" you could see how many cards of each type you had in your deck; Maneuver, Battle, Item-cards, etc. I thought this was particulary helpful to maintain a good balance between them during a run, without having to count each one individually.

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