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Short Day, Short Dusk, Short Night options for world settings.

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Would this be possible? Some world setting options that serve as an in between for the default setting and the long day, long dusk and long night settings?

I wanted a world where days were short but it would still be a fairly even split for dusk and night(at least based on season) for short dusk it would keep day about the same, but replace a few dusk segments with night, and for short night it would simply increase day and dusk segments to give night as few segments as possible without removing it entirely.

sadly with current settings, long dusk(a setting I'm using for an idea of mine) makes dusk feel too long for some seasons (like spring, I like how short days are in spring with the long dusk setting, but I wish a few of those dusk segments were replaced with some night segments, hence a "short day":setting would do this.)

I mainly would love the short day option, but short dusk and short night would also be nice. If klei doesn't do it, then maybe a modder can? I'd love it anyway.

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Mays QoL update added truly random weather effects to consoles.. it’s something I love and now I hope every month or two they will do a QoL patch alongside the planned reworks and Return of Them stuffs. It never hurts anything to have more options in how we play the game.

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