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Cracking scheme using liquid methane as coolant

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The design is kinda neat but you can generate like 3400W with this, right? And we have to exclude the two type of cooling, the pumps, the shipping. Net power is somewhere around +2kW if i'm right. This is why you have to go big if you play with sour gas.

But once again, I like your design! I really would like to watch a video about turning on this system.

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What heat source is being used to heat the crude into sour gas in this example? Volcano? If so how do you transfer the heat? Just tempshift it up from the magma to a door connected to the temp sensor?

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5 hours ago, Mascot said:

设计简洁但你可以生成3400 w,对吧? 我们必须排除这两种类型的冷却,水泵,航运。 净功率是+ 2千瓦左右如果我是正确的。 这就是为什么你必须去大如果你玩酸气。

但再一次,我喜欢你的设计! 我真的想看视频打开这个系统。

This module just started to produce the first wave of liquid methane with air conditioner, and then produced liquid methane with liquid desuperheater. When the liquid cooler is used, the power generation per week is 3125kj


热源是被用来加热原油含硫气在这个例子吗? 火山吗? 如果是这样你怎么转移热量? 只是tempshift从岩浆门连接到温度传感器吗?



GIF 2020-4-4 星期六 下午 8-55-27.gif

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