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I can't find the last Wooden Things in the Adventure Mode!

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I have the box, the ring and the crank thing but I just can't find the last object! I search the whole island and nothing. I'm on day 54 on the adventure mode, and the last 15 days I spend searching. I'm using the Divining Rod to look for it but in every part of the island Wilson just say : "The signal is very faint".

Do I have to get out of the island? Or do I have to do something?

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What map are you on? I just checked the Wiki, and apparently there's an old bug where sometimes the Potato Thing won't show up in "The Game is Afoot" or "Archipelago". 


Do you have any wormholes or bridges to go anywhere else? Also, I found sometimes I had to unequip-and-requip the Divining Rod in order for it to start showing a signal again.

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