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With this code I have, how can I add "secondary" biomes easily.

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This code below works to force Pig village biome properly, but is there anyway to just add a secondary biome or even a third and so on easily.
For example I tried to add
-if i == "Befriend the pigs", "Killer bees!" then

But the "," crashes the game. Adding "and" seems to do nothing as well I think (unsure).


local function AddPigs(taskset)
    -- check if caves, if so then exit
    if taskset.location ~= "forest" then
    -- add extra pig village if it doesn't exist in the tasks to be executed
    local has_pigs = false
    for _,i in pairs(taskset.tasks) do
        if i == "Befriend the pigs" then
            has_pigs = true
    if not has_pigs then
        table.insert(taskset.tasks, "Befriend the pigs")
    -- remove extra pig village if it is in optional tasks
    for index,i in pairs(taskset.optionaltasks) do
        if i == "Befriend the pigs" then
            table.remove(taskset.optionaltasks, index)
            taskset.numoptionaltasks = taskset.numoptionaltasks - 1

-- modify any task sets

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I have not directly attempted to change biomes myself, but I suggest taking a look at the Magic Biomes & Creatures mod that does a ton of worldgen stuff. There might some sort of functionality in it that allows them to add a biome after all the other code has run. If so, you might be able to run it however many times you need, without blowing up the server that is...

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