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Issues adding 2 more shards to 1000+ day server

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We have a server that originally had 2 shards--the traditional 1 forest (master shard 1) and 1 cave (shard 2).  We now want to add 2 more shards, another forest (shard 3) and another cave(shard 4) connected to each other like a traditional server, except with 1 portal in each forest (shard 1 and shard 3) connecting to each other.  So effectively:

Shard 2 (caves of original world) > Shard 1 (forest of original world - master) > Shard 3 (forest of new world) > Shard 4 (caves of new world)

Someone generated a new server until they found the world they wanted and then sent me the files that I added to the cluster folder, edited the .bat file, ini files and folder names appropriately.  However, when I start the server, shards 2 and 3 keep connecting and disconnecting from the master (shard 1) over and over.  It appears as those 2 shards keep restarting for some reason.  I did not edit the files in the "save" folder of the second set of shards at all. 

I have attached the server logs and the ini flles for further info.  The 2 sets of shards obviously have 2 different day counts and indices, so I'm assuming that some additional editing to the underlying save files is required for this to work properly.  However, I don't know if that can be done or how to do it.  



Shard 1 Master - Server Log

Shard 1 Master - server.ini

Shard 2 - Server Log

Shard 2 - server.ini

Shard 3 - Server Log

Shard 3 - server.ini

Shard 4 - Server Log

Shard 4 - server.ini

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I checked your "Shard 3 - Server Log" log file and noticed that It was trying to load save number 0000001563 but was told by master to go back to 0000000015 (quote "Synchronizing backward to master snapshot 15"). When I did that in the past the shard ended up reconnecting to master forever. I think it is because It not longer has that save file.

Are you sure you didn't switch the folder names? i.e., shard 3 should Master, shard 4 should be 2, shard 1 should be 3 and shard 2 should be 4?

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