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Base 10 pulsed timer up to 99.

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Hi all


I've some trouble to create a base 10 cycle counter, from 0 to 99.

I know I need to use signal counters (and I want), I've already tried so many things, but I couldn't figure out yet how to do it.

I'm gonna keep searching, but I'm pretty sure there's some players here a lot more familiar than me with automation logic, who can speed it up a lot.


My problem essentially come from that I don't know how to extract the unit to get a positive signal when it reaches the end. I mean units can easily increment tens each 10 pulses, but how to get the final "green" output when the unit extracted from the counter isn't sending a green one.

I've the pulsed input, I've the cycling 600s pulse, I've the reset input, quite sure I can manage the timer global reset with few cable, but I'm still missing the 0-99 counter...

I'm pretty sure I've to set a counter for unit (I mean final unit), and another counter to increment tens...

Thanks all :)



I think I got it ! But if there's better way to do, I would be more than happy to learn :)





The liquid sensor is the reset simulation, while the interruptor is the pulse simulator. Don't forget the reset, or it will mess up after the set cycle is passed.


Well of course I call this a cycle counter as what I need is the cycle number, but this one should work for every countable pulse from 0 to 99 (tip: for 99 counter, the setup would be a lot more simple ^^)

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