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Improvement of useless items

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after playing for more than 500 days in a world i just realized that there are two extremely useless items in your proposals that are easily replaceable by others and i come up with the following proposal, why not rework these items as follows, the insulated pack  and hibernation vest I never wear them because a simple beefalo hat solves the problem of cold, because not making hibernation vest an extremely interesting item uniting them both in one, we know that to wear a suit for the cold we sacrifice the inventory, why not give  as a reward for killing the bearger a hibernation vest with at least 6 backpack slots?

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The Hibearnation Vest does much more than just give insulation against freezing. It reduces hunger drain by 25% and gives a whopping +4.4 sanity per minute. (Making it the second best item for sanity after the Tam o Shanter, if I'm not mistaken.)

And the Insulated Pack has as many slots as a backpack, while also acting like a portable icebox, so it's a straight upgrade unless you luck out and get a Krampus Sack.

So I'm inclined to say they are both fine.

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