Make The Last Stand True Neutral

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Right now it's counted as a spree bar, since there is no specific faction override on the bar, and the proprietor, hebbel, is a spree. And as we all know, all lawful factions(excluding rentorians, since there's literally only 1 person in that faction, and he retires when you meet him and survive) hate spree, and hated factions will never show up at bars. As such, only rise, jakes, and boggers show up(no spree since they are not permanent members of the region), even though dialog suggests spark barons shows up as well.

On that note, why does bogger clobber have a weighting of FIVE in the patron defs when everyone else have a weighting of 1 or less? It makes the bar dominated by bogger clobbers every time I enters it, which makes getting their boons easier, but getting any other boon harder. Shouldn't it be .5?

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On 4/29/2020 at 12:59 PM, Maniafig said:

This is the first I've heard about faction alignments and whatnot, how do these work? What alignments are all the factions?

Basically, each location has a faction assigned to it, typically the faction is the proprietor's faction(but some can be explicitly defined like the spree bar). Also, there is a relationship between factions. Most factions are neutral to each other, but there are some factions that have other relationships. The big three(Admiralty, Barons, Cult) dislikes each other, and likes civilians. All lawful factions(big three, civilians, bilebrokers) hates the spree except rentorians. Jakes are neutral to or like every faction except maybe the cult(not sure on this one).

Some places allows patrons to visit, and the relationship between the patron's faction and the shop's faction determines the weighting of that shopper. A loved faction has double the chance of visiting a shop, and a hated faction will never visit a shop. Because the last stand counts as a spree bar, only unlawful characters like the jakes, rise, and the boggers ever visit, since they don't hate spree.

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