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Need help modifying mod

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First time poster here and new to the forums. So I've managed to extract a mod I found because I wanted to change the design a bit. When I try to load it up in spriter the parts are out of place. Of course I moved them back into place with the spriter but when I load up the game it is still mismatched. I'm having trouble understanding the template video as it doesn't explain enough about installing the sprites. Also is it possible to have custom parts for custom animations? I don't plan on releasing it on workshop in respect to the original modder. Are there any videos involving creating sprites and installing them?

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So do i understand correct: you have the anim.zip and want to change something inside the animation/parts?

the easiest way would be to contact the mod creator and ask for the original files. how did you extract them? do you use krane or another tool?

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