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Traceback (and debug.getinfo) shows line that doesn't exist

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Are there hidden files somewhere that get loaded? 

Something is calling a function and changing a structure and I'm trying to find out who/what/when/why. 

In data/scripts/componetns/hounded.lua - there is a function that is called that sets the spawnData. This is used because caves have a different set of spawn data from the forest (worms vs hounds). 


function self:SetSpawnData(data)
    _spawndata = data

I've replaced hounded with my own mod. It is a AddComponentPostInit load of the entire class and has the SetSpawnData function as well. But, for whatever reason, something somewhere is calling it with odd data. 

function self:SetSpawnData(data)   
    print("Updating _spawndata")
    print("Before: ")
    for k,v in ipairs(_spawndata.warning_sound_thresholdsdo
    _spawndata = data
    print("After: ")
    for k,v in ipairs(data.warning_sound_thresholdsdo

Whoever is calling this is changing the valid "houndwarning_lvl1" to :"LVL1". Same for "LVL2", "LVL3", "LVL4". Likewise, the caves changes it from "wormwarning_lvl1", to "LVL1_WORM", "LVL2_WORM", ... etc. 

I can't find those strings anywhere. Those sound prefabs don't exist. It should be "houndwarning_lvl1" in the forest, not "LVL1". 

OK, I'll just print out who is calling this, right? 

function self:SetSpawnData(data)
    local level = 1
    while true do
      local info = debug.getinfo(level, "Sl")
      if not info then break end
      if info.what == "C" then   -- is a C function?
        print(level, "C function")
      else   -- a Lua function
                            info.source, info.currentline))
      level = level + 1


Which generates the following:

[00:26:49]: [../mods/DST-Hounded/scripts/components/hounded.lua]:1011    
[00:26:49]: [scripts/prefabs/forest.lua]:473    
[00:26:49]: [scripts/prefabs/world.lua]:431    

.....but, there is no line 473 in forest.lua. That file is only 250ish lines. It's the same line if I throw an exception and look at the traceback.too.

I search the entire game folder, there is no reference to anything that might call SetSpawnData., It does exist in forest.lua, but the data structure I see in there looks right. And modifying that function in the game code doesn't print out anywhere. In fact, I can put in syntax errors and it changes nothing. I'm convinced /scripts/prefabs/forest.lua isn't used at all.


It's been years since I wrote this mod and have posts on the workshop saying it's broken, so I want to update it to get it working with the latest....but I'm lost. Everything is now working, except for the hound warning isn't playing.


Thank you!

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[00:01:09]: @scripts/prefabs/forest.lua:473 in master_postinit    


Wait, you know what? 

What is /data/databundles??!??


There is a scripts.zip in there, and sure enough, it has all the info I'm looking for!


    --Key = time, Value = sound prefab
    warning_sound_thresholds =
        { time = 30, sound =  "LVL4" },
        { time = 60, sound =  "LVL3" },
        { time = 90, sound =  "LVL2" },
        { time = 500, sound = "LVL1" },


In fact, the hounded component is different too. 


Why are these files different than the ones installed?!? 


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