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Need help with first mod

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First time modder here; I dont have very much if any coding experience but I've been getting by making my basic mods by frankensteining together snippets of code that I reverse engineer however I'm starting to have some issues in game that I can't fix alone.

my goal is to make a custom character(using the dst extended template) who can craft their own grenade throwable; this is fine and I got my own recipe and flavor text but I also wanted to have a starting inventory of 5 bird_egg to jumpstart the gunpowder supply in my games but every time I start the game theres no items in my inventory and on top of that my custom stats arent showing up but instead I have wilsons stats(as well as a wilson skin and not the extended character template)

any and all help is really appreciated; wasn't sure where to go with this question and I can provide the code if anyone wants to look over it; I'm sure its just a silly mistake :p

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1 hour ago, Ultroman said:

Welcome! :)

Since you're entirely new, I'd advise you to start with the newcomer post, do the Lua Crash Course which I link to in there, and then move on to the first 3-4 links in the Player Character section of this post.

thank you I'll look through those and see if I can figure this out. I appreciate the resources

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