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Modding help please.

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I'm pretty sure space between ichi dragonsoul is problem. Fixed version bottom.

STRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.ichi_dragonsoul = "ichi dragonsoul"
STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.ichi_dragonsoul = "ichi dragonsoul"
STRINGS.CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS.ichi_dragonsoul = "*perk 1\n*Perk 2\n*Perk 3"
STRINGS.CHARACTER_QUOTES.ichi_dragonsoul = "\"Yet another adventure begins.\""

-- Custom speech strings
STRINGS.CHARACTERS.ICHI_DRAGONSOUL = require "speech_ichi dragonsoul"

-- The character's name as appears in-game 
STRINGS.SKIN_NAMES.ichi_dragonsoul_none = "Ichi"
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[00:01:34]: MOD ERROR: workshop-2066854861 (ichi_dragonsoul): Mod: workshop-2066854861 (ichi_dragonsoul)    
[00:01:34]: Event data unavailable: lavaarena_event_server/lavaarena_achievement_quest_defs
[00:01:34]: [string "../mods/workshop-2066854861/modmain.lua"]:50: module 'speech_ichi_dragonsoul' not found:
    no field package.preload['speech_ichi_dragonsoul']

[00:01:34]: [string "scripts/mainfunctions.lua"]:1105: variable 'global_error_widget' is not declared
LUA ERROR stack traceback:


Edited by Thalkas
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[00:01:34]: error loading module 'speech_ichi_dragonsoul' from file '../mods/workshop-2066854861\scripts\speech_ichi_dragonsoul.lua':
	[string "cannot OLDFILEACCESSMETHOD @../mods/workshop-2066854861\scripts..."]:1330: unexpected symbol near 'Â'

Yes. Your speech file now has a syntax error. You've probably deleted or added a curly bracket that you shouldn't have, or used a character/letter that isn't supported :) Go to where you were editing, and make sure the curly brackets match.

Notepad++ helps a lot with this, if you set the Language to Lua.


See? It shows with a red line where the currently highlighted bracket start/ends. Here I have highlighted the top bracket.

Edited by Ultroman
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Make a new thread. That's a totally different problem. I'm not good with texture stuff, but other people are. That problem with invisible characters has been solved before, but it could be one of several things that's wrong, so it requires some investigation into how your animation files are set up. They need precise naming and referencing in the character's Lua file.

Make a new thread describing the problem, and include a zip of your mod, including the folder where your original animation files are (the ones which get converted into anim-zips by the game).

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