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Hey Grifters,

We are slowly working our way up "feedback mountain". There have been a *lot* of reports over the weeked, since a lot more people are playing the game now. We are going to promote this experimental build to release in a hotfix to clear up the most prevalent issues that have been fixed in the last week.

New update content will start soon for experimental!

  • Hiding the start button when looking at savefiles, so that people don't start a new run accidentally
  • Fix Chieftain social boon only applying 1 Power.
  • Fix tooltip on some of Rooks coins indicating they will do damage every turn.
  • Character anims in the hover screen are now easier to hover with the mouse, and they get clipped to their container, instead of individually. 
  • Fix Psimulacrum not affecting Airtight.
  • Frisk now lasts one turn per stack.
  • Make text bubbles scroll smoothly again
  • Fix hologram projector not working with Call Oolo.
  • Remove the hover markup on quest titles, as we no longer tooltip this information.
  • Positioning the characters and content correctly in the Relationship Screen, independently of screen aspect ratio
  • Check death of attacker cast member for oppo_friend_in_trouble.lua to fix old invalid saves.
  • Showing locked characters as locked in the new game screen
  • Redesign Overheater.
  • Check removed on last_focus_item before trying to assign it focus.
  • Fix weird map convo in baron_supervised_learning.lua
  • Fixed typo in pandemonium_plus
  • Fixed incorrect Smarts gain from Just the Facts
  • Fixed bug where Jargon wasn't displaying the right amount of composure
  • Targeted no longer forces allies to target a surrendered target
  • The gun show comes but once a playthrough
  • Add some avoids and supports for side_another_day_older_and_deeper_in_debt.lua
  • Fix a bug where Rooks coins would lock onto specific targets instead of picking a randomly assigned one.
  • The smuggling jake should try to help you negotiate the end of the quarantine in the fsshcake mission, even if they hate you
  • Give threekwa a better title
  • Update Matter of Fact upgrade choices.
  • Fix rare crash applying composure to a removed argument.
  • Fixed crash with the Luminari Burn card being dealt without an owner.
  • Fixed crash with merchant using the Gunsha Powder attack on an invalid target
  • Fixed bug caused by the coin being flip before your coin had been applied
  • Fixed crash when triggering Smith's Cranial Coolant
  • Fixed issue where Spent cards wouldn't consume if they weren't items
  • Fixed bug where Flekfis would gain defend from Thick Fur EVERY turn instead of on his turn
  • Fix a lot of typos


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