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Color coded suits and color coded docking stations

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It would be helpful to have dock stations be labeled or color coded some how that helps you track where dupee are coming from or rather which docking station he is using the suit came from.     


Example.   I have a base where my docking station normally has a dividing platform   to separate dupe access.   Top half of map and bottom half of map.    Dock station at the top allows dupe to go up  and dock stations bottom allow dupes to go down.    Each station ahs its own water lock exit access point.       Top half could be   red station  red suits.    Bottom half could be blue station   blue suits.        If I ever lose track of the dupes  or if I don't have a separating wall or floor.   I can tell which station they're suppose to return to.       Maybe option say return to station you got your dupe from.    Similar to vacancy only.      

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