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What about killing bosses from now on together?

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Ok so a lot of people play by their self's, build bases, kill bosses... this kind of person is me for instance. When I first started playing DST the players in the game weren't really friendly, but when I started to write in the forums you were! I play together only with my brother (who somehow has the worst connection in the world, even though we are literally in the same house) and with strangers in forge and gorge mods, this is fine, but I wanted to know other people more this way... And now that we get a new boss the community is trying to find a way to kill the boss solo, because a lot of people play alone. That's why I created this topic, in here people could send the names of their giant world and would help each other against an actual thread, loneliness. You can discus how and when and if you will use this page then it will maybe be a general discussions one!

So what do you say? Do you want to play together and kill some big bad's in YOUR world?

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