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Doors: Allowable material filter

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I would like to see doors have a filter which would allow the player to select what materials can be carried through that doorway.

For instance:

  • You have a storage container in a slime biome and you don't want your dupes to ever carry slime through a particular doorway.  Buildings would now view slime debris past that doorway as unreachable and no dupes would carry it out.
  • You are building into a new area with a lot of granite (which you want to use for buildings) so you can block granite from leaving the area so dupes will use the debris that they have right in front of them instead of possibly trying to store that granite or come into the new area to haul off granite to build elsewhere.

Obviously, if you use this filter on doors with multiple access points you run the risk of having a dupe run an end-around to get at the materials.  That's on you to control.


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