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Hey Grifters! Here's a couple last-minute fixes for Thursdays build. I think that's (mostly) done, save for a couple of audio additions that we're still waiting on.

  • Fixed targeting on Nap
  • Fixed bug where kickback would display the wrong cost if not in hand
  • Aligning the bottom controls bar
  • Fixing the switch from Gamepad to Mouse mode
  • hooked up missing death loot for the Spark Baron Automech
  • TooltipKeywords:AddCardPanel can also receive a card instance.
  • loc.convertPlurality now uses assert_warning, a fatal isn't necessary
  • Appropriated now posts the exact card instance that was appropriated, so that cards like Blacklist show correctly.
  • Fixed bug where Kashio wouldn't choose a random positioning for her hologram effect
  • Tuned down the damage on the Rise and Spark Call In cards slightly
  • Fix crashing using cancel hotkey in new game screen when an upcoming character is selected

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