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Gas shutoff valve oddity

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I'm experiencing odd behavior from a gas shutoff valve.

This sensor is set to filter O2. 

You will see two packets coming in the first pic.

You can see the filter sending the first packet up to the vent in the second.

However, in the third pic, what you are seeing is the second packet go up into the valve and then go backwards to the input and head back down the line.  You obviously can't see it in the stills but I watch it go up into the valve and then come right back down.

It would seem that the gas shutoff is alternating packets between the input on the vent and its own input which seems kind of counter-intuitive. 

I tried putting a bridge just after the valve to see if teleporting the packet up to the vent would fix this and it does not.

Any insight would be appreciated. 


2 packets coming.jpg

1 packet up.jpg

2nd packet back.jpg

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