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How to make my character show up, and not Wilson?

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I'm sure it's just a simple thing where I forgot to put a certain text into the eula or something. I have NO knowledge on modding, and I'm not too concerned with making the mod look too nice, but just playing with my own character that I made! If there's anything that I need to add to make this process smoother, I'll try my best. I used this tutorial, so their character is in the starting screen and what not, which I will also need to fix. I can figure that out eventually, though. I really just want my character to appear. 


Here are the screenshots from in game, if anybody needs them! 






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Check if your Puffin_none.lua inside scripts->prefabs has something like this:

local assets =
	Asset( "ANIM", "anim/Puffin.zip" ),
	Asset( "ANIM", "anim/ghost_Puffin_build.zip" ),

if you have that, then I suggest to change every "Puffin" into "puffin".


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