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请求帮助(help me)

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我怎么才能把我的steam账号和论坛账号绑定呢?用steam账号登录进入 ,需要我填写用户名和邮箱  ,名字我可以换  , 但邮箱已经绑定这个账号了请问怎么处理?

How can I tie my steam account to my forum account? To log in with steam account, I need to fill in the user name and email. I can change the name, but the email has been bound to this account. How to deal with it?

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I'm not sure i understand the issue, can't you just link it without changing anything? If Steam asks you to log in, you use your Steam login. What your login to Steam is shouldn't matter, would frankly be a bit disturbing if other websites gets access to any of it.

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