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Wes suggestions or feedback this is the question.

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Wes could create specific balloons for each character so that they could make their own recipes.

For example, Wes makes a balloon sunflower for Wendy, and she uses that item to make a new elixir for Abigail ...

Or Wes could put his eternal balloons on Wendy's Sisturn.

With a item that Wes gave for Woodie, he can makes a balloon version for each of his three totems, and when his shapes pop, he returns to normal.
Perhaps it would be useful at full moon?

Could Wickerbotton summon a significant amount of balloon to explode en masse without spending too much sanity?

Willow could receive a balloon Bernie and when the real Bernie died the balloon would burst and give Bernie a second chance.

Wes could make balloons seemingly unsuitable for certain situations but useful when we found out how to use them.


I won't be upset if you disagree, I don't bet on that either.

In Wes' short it is understood that he will do something meaningful and useful, but nobody has any idea what it might be.

Many people make great suggestions, and others don't want the character to lose its essence.

But everyone agrees that it should be useful, fun, challenging and something else I just forgot ...

Even though Wes's balloons can have infinite uses, it doesn't mean that everything with a balloon involved is balloonmancy.

So it's not too difficult to suggest a thousand and one uses for balloons without saturating the character.


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