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So I had a dream that I was playing Don't Starve, it wasn't exactly as the game itself but there was a general ambiance and I was on my camp, and I opened a chest, and there was only one slot with some kind of egg, then the hunger meter came to zero and there was an urging music, I'm my mind the only logic was to eat that egg, and when I did, it made a visual effect like your average cursed chest.


I started to hear some kind of rodent running around in the grass (without any visual cue), and when I saw my hunger meter coming back up I relaxed and walked to my campfire. When I arrived it started shaking and a bunnytail popped from it, then it lifted from the ground (all in one piece unexplicable) and ran away from me.

Aparently that egg triggered some kind of easter egg curse that when eaten, sent a bunch of rabits to my camp and some of the structures that I had there were turned into some kind of turtle bunny and the structure was its shell so when I came close it ran away like a bunny, so I had to chase them down and manually pick my structures from them or grab a boomerang and then hunt them one by one.

In my dream it was super annoying because once I killed the bunnies the structures dropped in the place they died and I couldn't move them, but if I was to implement this on the game I would make it that you could reposition them at least once, or that the rabbit doesn't die and just accepts deffeat and returns the structure it stole.

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