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[Mod Request] Olive Oil

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Hi there, I'm going to post here the same thread that I opened in Steam's Workbench Discussions, hoping for better luck.

To be honest, I tried to develop the mod by myself, following Cairath & others guide, but it's too difficult for me. Welp plz!



To put it short, I'm thiking about a mod that lets us grow olives - like with Arbor Tree, lets say a batch of 100 - 200 olives per "branch" for a total of 1 tonne of material as full yield.

Then, using Microbe Musher (okay, maybe the oil can also be used for cooking in Electric Grill and Gas Range, and used as a mood booster like salt, in mess hall) we can "squeeze" 1 liter of olive oil (Extra Virgin quality, because it's lordly xD) from 1 kg of olives obtained from the modified Arbor Tree or whatever. Alternatively, 1 tonne of olives for 1000 kg of EVO oil.

Just as with Algae Terrarium, the product of the Microbe Musher has to be bottled (the machine will drop a bottled liquid).

It can have interesting cooling properties and params.


Freezing point: −6.0 °C -> Solid Olive Oil retrieved here

Vaporization point: 700° C -> Olive Oil Gas retrieved here

Specific heat capacity: 0.17 retrieved here

Thermal conductivity: 1.97 retrieved here

Light absorption: 20% (a rough esteem of mine, sorry)

Mass per Tile: 1000 kg

Density: 0,9137 (at 20° C temperature) retrieved here

Properties: Combustible Liquid, Liquid


Someone can develop a mod for this?

Thanks anyway & cheers!

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